It would appear that there are no longer any alternatives. Constrained by obsessive financial accounting and the laws of the market, public debate seems to have been gradually emptied of all the imagination that gave birth to it. When crises arise — climate / health / economic / social / immigration / democratic — they are met with preconceived prescriptions and unfold like a succession of sequences in which debate and the collective interest are disconnected. It is as if we had stepped outside of History. Or rather as if we had run out of stories to tell.

Yet these stories do exist. Not in the vague evocations of “a post-crisis world” or in the books of specialists and the speeches of freelance experts or political demagogues.

Across the world, human communities are reviving the power of storytelling, guided by the idea that everything that should exist simply has not been tried somewhere, that what is lacking in our societies — in order to hope again — can be summed up in one word that combines idea, place and movement: utopia.

Coming out of a lockdown that has limited our concerns to the radius of a few kilometers, we feel the necessity to see these other places that are being built, these cracks that idealists carve out in the real world through experimentation. Social structures, age and gender hierarchies, agricultural practices or occupations of digital spaces ... thousands are putting their ideals to test against human, social and sometimes physical constraints. Thousands of them have designated themselves as “utopians”. And it is in the direction of their approaches, full of new and varied hopes, that we want to turn our gaze, in order to relearn how to dream up our world rather than how to put up with it. To see how one makes a utopia one’s everyday existence.

Directed by Henri Poulain
Written by Lauren Boudard, Julien Goetz, Sylvain Lapoix and Henri Poulain

Produced by Premières lignes & StoryCircus
International sales: CLPB Rights