Sel and Mazette were a part of the activist group that occupied the Arlon Forest in Belgium in order to pro-tect it from a real estate project. In spring 2021, the ZAD is dismantled by the Belgian police. Sel and Mazette then decide to hit the road to strengthen social ties. If the ZAD no longer exists, it has to be recreated everywhere else. The seeds of a new way of life must be dispersed across the whole Belgian territory. Like Sel and Mazette say, it’s about "the making of a country within a country".
From self-managed farms to squats, from femi-nist struggles to volunteer work, they carry, in their small car, the songs of their raw anger. OCCUPY EVERYWHERE follows this utopian impulse and the way it changed the life of those who initiated it.


From the collection UTOPIAS?

Directed by Henri Poulain
Written by Lauren Boudard, Julien Goetz, Sylvain Lapoix and Henri Poulain

Produced by Premières lignes & StoryCircus
French broadcaster: Slash
International sales: CLPB Rights