In the heart of the Spanish Basque Country lies the Bergara village, in the Deba River valley. This is where, on the mountainside, a 34-year-old Ane decided to dig the earth to give birth to her utopia. In eight years, she turned a small garden into an agricultural farm through permaculture. She manages this farm alone on a daily basis and can now live off its production. Her political struggle led her to grow food that is both physical and spiritual and that she now shares through a cooperative network spreading over the entire surrounding area. A lesson in autonomy, humility and humanity.


From the collection UTOPIAS?

Directed by Henri Poulain
Written by Lauren Boudard, Julien Goetz, Sylvain Lapoix and Henri Poulain

Produced by Premières lignes & StoryCircus
French broadcaster: Slash
International sales: CLPB Rights