Looking into the start of the eighties in Poland means looking back at a world of communism where there were interminable food queues, where freedom of expression was inexistent and a handful of leaders determined the lives of millions of people in the name of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Being in Gdansk during the summer of 1980, meant observing the CIA, the KGB, the Vatican, and Western chancelleries who were closely watching the shipyards on the Baltic. It meant probing a unique confrontation between two countries and their Allies, between the United States and the USSR, between the West and the East, in which Poland was but a simple pawn. It is through this confrontation that this historical film brings us up to modern times. Effectively, since then, other people, other nations have risen up against their oppressors. International public opinion has been supportive of the Tunisians, Libyans, and Syrians. And western governments haven't hesitated either to provide support, sometimes going as far as military intervention.

A film by Barbara Necek

A film by Barbara Necek
A production : 13 Productions
International sales : CLPB Rights


FIGRA 2021 - Official selection (section Terre(s) d’Histoire)