The genesis of Islam, the life of the Prophet, the holy book of the Koran, the Sunna, the Hadiths, the emergence of Muslim law and exegesis; as well as Arabs, their language and civilizationÂ… This series is broken down into 5 episodes to highlight the various stages of implementation of the third and final monotheism, seen by some as perfecting the two others.

Film 1: Towards prophecy & from the birth of the Prophet through Revelation, this chapter allows an accurate picture to be painted of Arabs, the Middle East and the 6th century.
Film 2: Revelation & from Revelation to Hijra, this second chapter outlines the beginnings of the preaching of the new religion, its descent and transmission, and the content of the Koranic message during the Mecca period.
Film 3: Medina and the law & the third chapter, with the Hijra, gives insight into the Medina period, showing the setting-up of the Muslim city, as well as the transmission and content of the Koranic message in Medina.
Film 4: Power and Mecca & the triumphant return of the Prophet to Mecca, the first battles, and the start of Arabian unification.
Film 5: The Koran & this fifth and final chapter deals with the Koran, its history and its coming together.