In April 1943, the first ever armed revolt against the Nazi occupier breaks out in the Warsaw Ghetto. Born out of desperation and bound to fail, the uprising erupts with extraordinary ferocity, becoming one of World War II’s central events. The identity of its key fighters, however, has mostly been forgotten, and few remember that of those heroic Jewish fighters, many were women. "CYWIA & RACHELA - THE RESISTED IN THE WARSAW GHETTO" revisits the account of two of these women, Cywia Lubetkin and Rachel Auerbach, who survived their people’s extermination and whose stories have never been told before. Through the interlinked stories of their fate, the film sheds light on neglected, unknown aspects of the Warsaw revolt. Using never-seen-before photo and video archives, the film invites us to explore the connections between individual lives and the march of history.

A film by Rafael Lewandowski
Produced by Paul Rozenberg, Céline Nusse, Ruth Zylberman

Produced by Zadig Productions
Coproduced by Katyusha productions, Ethan productions
French broadcaster: France Télévisions
International sales: CLPB Rights