We've all seen the archive images that show German women in a state of euphoria, almost in a trance, crying out the name of Adolf Hitler, "their" Führer. It's no longer a secret: as did the men, they actively supported the system. 12 million German women were members of organisations that the Nazi Party created specifically for them. They gave the Reich children, nursed the soldiers on the front lines, and even guarded prisoners in concentration camps.

But all German women were not fervent Nazis, far from it …. The story we wish to tell in this documentary is that of the women who had the courage to say no to Nazi ideology, who resisted barbarity in spite of the risks of any opposition to the system. Who were these women? Why did they decide to oppose the regime, putting themselves and their families at risk? What was their background? This documentary aims to unveil the still widely unknown story of these female German resistance fighters.


A film by Barbara Necek
Photography by Xavier Liberman
Editing by Caroline Choplin

Production: 13 Productions
With the participation of RMC Découverte, Histoire TV, RTBF, RSI Radiotelevisione, ViaSat History, SVT, YLE, Télé-Québec and the Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée
International sales: CLPB Rights

13 Productions - 2020