In today's world, how does one make a living, and how will one earn it tomorrow? What about workers? How do they feel about work?

Through 12 international profiles chosen carefully according to their professional activity and embodying current issues, Humans At Work reports on workers of today and explores issues related to the changing nature of work and its consequences in the future. The program will bring together a body of workers who will testify on their daily work. Enlightened by the analysis of international experts in the economic, sociological, philosophical and political fields, our characters will provide a familiar mirror to our viewers and question a future more frightening than ever.

A film by Marianne Lère
Produced by Anne Schuchman-Kune

A film by Marianne Lère
Co-producers: Arte France, Joparige Films, Schuch Productions
International Distribution: CLPB Rights
With the participation of the Centre National de l'Animation et de la Cinématographie

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