What remains, thirty years later, of the memory of a mother that a son never had the time to know? Gaël Kamilindi was only five years old when his mother Didy died. The memories of her presence have since been lost in the fury of the civil wars, genocide and AIDS. These trials that have ravaged Burundi and then Rwanda, precipitating his exile to Switzerland. Today, he ventures to reopen the pages of his family history by meeting the men and women who knew, loved and guided her, and who, each in their own way, possess a fragment of Didy. Returning to Rwanda in Didy's footsteps, Gaël sketches a portrait of his mother and of a generation of Rwandan women who have survived the worst.

A film by Gaël Kamilindi from the Comédie-Française and François-Xavier Destors  

A coproduction CPB Films, Adok Films, IYUGI Productions, RTS and BIP TV
French broadcaster: BIP TV
Distribution: CLPB Rights

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Visions du Réel - National Competition (2024)
​Festival Etonnants Voyageurs - Official Selection (2024)