Thirty years after the civil war, as the first signs of a major economic crisis emerged and the country was ravaged by corruption scandals, the Lebanese people began the most important revolutionary uprising in their history.

Up to 2 million Lebanese have taken to the streets to denounce a corrupt, unfit, clientelist political class responsible for the deep economic crisis into which the country sinks deeper and deeper every day. All over the country the Lebanese are demonstrating with no division between political stance, religion or communities. “One, one, one! The Lebanese people are one! ”. For a year, from the very first night of the revolution to the explosion in the port of Beirut, we filmed this unprecedented revolt. From Beirut to Baalbek via Tripoli, we follow the destiny of revolutionaries who are at odds with each other, but who will be united by the revolution.

A film by Sarah Claux, Arthur Sarradin, Charbel El Cherif and Maxime Macé
Written with Taleesa Herman

Produced by Flair Production
Co-produced by LCP Assemblée Nationale
With the support of Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, of RSI (Switzerland) and SIC (Portugal)
French broadcaster: LCP
International sales: CLPB Rights


Visa pour l'image (2021) - Official selection
Prix Bayeux (2021) - Official selection
Hollywood Arab Film Festival (2022) - Official selection