Fifty years after Neil Armstrong walked on its surface, the Moon is back at the center of the international attention… Space X, the China spatial program: newcomers are developing unprecedented technologies, surpassing technical challenges, and bringing back new findings about the Moon.

BEYOND THE FAR SIDE takes the form of a scientific quest at the heart of the space program and the exploitation of the hidden face of the moon, still unknown by the public. Our natural satellite is still far from having reveled all its secrets!

The ambition of the film is to decipher the space revolution we are attending right now.

A film directed by François-Xavier Vives
With the participation of Christophe Galfard

Co-produced by CPB Films, Camera Lucida productions, China Media Group, NHK
With the participation of the CNC
In partnership with the CNES (The National Centre for Space Studies)
With the participation of Radio Canada, RSI, Canal + Pologne, SVT and of France Télévisions
French Broadcaster: France 5
International sales: CLPB Rights



LUMEXPLORE, Science and Environment Festival - Official selection (2023)