The residents of East Palo Alto are trying to resist the growing influence of big tech companies and to find their place in a societal model that leaves the humble people by the roadside. With their fight, they are exposing the tech giants’ political agenda, and East Palo Alto’s rebellious past is resurfacing. The Last Town will explore the uniqueness of East Palo Alto in the landscape of Silicon Valley, its history, its culture of self-organization and resistance. It will try to enlighten the very specific culture of East Palo Alto and question the different ways a city - and its people - can deal with the influence of tech companies and their model of society.

Directed by Fabien Benoit
Produced by Loren Baux-Richardot

Produced by CPB Films
​With the support of Fonds d’aide à la création cinéma audiovisuel et nouveaux medias (FACCAM) and the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Broadcasters: Arte, ICI RDI, RSI
International sales: CLPB Rights