Barely 23 years old, Paul Duan, French and the son of Chinese immigrants, had a future all mapped out and a very comfortable salary, as a data analyst in Silicon Valley. But this genius of algorithms and idealist of the big data decides to abandon it all, returning to France to found a NGO, in order to promote a citizen use of new technologies. His first challenge is tremendous: to bring down the unemployment curve by 10%. A much commented announcement, doubtless too ambitious, but Paul has understood how to interest the decision-makers and raise funds. With a small team, driven by the same sense of the common good, Paul Duan develops his “2.0 Philanthropy”, where everyone can have access to information for decision making. The film tells the background of this exhilarating human adventure, which aims to redefine citizenship and make new technologies into a tool for democratisation


A film by Jean-Thomas Ceccaldi

Producer: 416 Prod
International sales: CPB International