One of the most promising choreographers of his generation!

Hip-hop dance would never have reached the great international stages without Mourad Merzouki. A recognised choreographer, his shows are now touring worldwide, with more than 2800 performances in 58 countries. The film offers an immersion into the heart of his next creation: Vertikal. In the middle of his troupe of dancers and close to Mourad, we participate in the creative process backstage, until the first performance – between doubt and creative impulse. With an objective: to defy gravity and create a visual vertigo. Through Mourad’s confidences and moments stolen from his busy life, we discover his influences, his artistic career and his universe. Thus emerges the portrait of one of the most promising choreographers of his generation.

A film by Elise Darblay 

French broadcaster: France 5
Producer: CPB Films
Distributor: CPB International