How did a pedophile fantasy become a global pop icon? We had to wait for #MeToo to question this literary and collective hypnosis. Today, all those who saw it as an apology for pedophilia are part of a bygone era. In 2021, this topic has a new resonance, as demonstrated by the numerous cases of pedophilia and incest, and the liberation of speech, starting with that of the victims. It is time to decipher the Lolita phenomenon, to re-explain its meaning in order to re-establish the truth about the ordeal of a child who was a victim of pedophilia.

Directed and written by Olivia Mokiejewski

Produced by TV Presse
Co-produced by Arte France
With the collaboration of Editions & Productions de la Goutte d'or
French broadcaster: Arte France
International sales: CLPB Rights

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