"Lebanon 1982, Radiography of a Massacre" is a deeply moving documentary that takes us to the heart of the horror experienced by Palestinian refugees during the Sabra and Chatila massacre in Lebanon in September 1982. For five days and four nights, these women, children, and elderly people suffered extreme terror. Despite the historic impact of the event, there has been no conviction in forty years. The film gives a voice to witnesses, victims to the events, including the novelist Jean Genet, who was one of the first to enter the camps after the carnage. By exploring declassified archives in Israel and Lebanon, and gathering previously unseen testimonies, the documentary sheds light on both the motives and the circumstances that made the tragedy happen. Through the gripping accounts of the perpetrators and victims, the film also deciphers the historical and geopolitical issues behind this massacre, which irrevocably changed the face of the Middle East.

A film by Nicolas Jallot

Produced by Day for Night productions
Broadcaster : LCP - Assemblée nationale
Internationale sales : CLPB Rights