It’s an investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV2, the virus that brought the planet to its knees, in the footsteps of a commando of scientists, on expeditions in Asia for the "DisCOVer" mission. Investigations at the source of the epidemic, at the root of evil, in the eye of the Cyclone “Corona”.

In a few weeks, as soon as the borders reopen, a French researcher will be going out to survey the last wild forests of northern Thailand and Laos, a "field" that he knows well from having done research on coronaviruses there for more than fifteen years. Meriadeg Le Gouil is a virologist, one of the best coronavirus specialists in France. In particular he discovered the European SARS on bats. This time his objective is to research the origin of SARS-CoV2 (the virus responsible for the disease Covid19) on the bats and small mammals which inhabit the forest undergrowth on China's southern borders. For while we still know little or nothing about this new virus, the scientist, like most of his colleagues, is convinced that its origin is hidden somewhere in those forests.

Through the portrait of this passionate researcher and his team, we will live the "DisCOVer" project from the inside, the expeditions dedicated to the search for the wild origins of SARS-CoV2. A scientific investigation led at full speed in view of the current situation, between the jungles of Laos, the top security laboratories of Europe and China and the stock farms around Wuhan.

Discovering this "missing link" between animal and man may perhaps allow us to reveal what China has so far kept silent, and what it wants to hide at all costs: the real causes of the emergence of this "Sars 2.0".

A film by Gwenlaouen Le Gouil

A TV Presse production
Broadcaster: Arte
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