Correspondences are fragments of life, seized in the body of the greater History. They illuminate the interior landscape of an era, through a kaleidoscope of archives and voices: History reveals itself in its most intimate light. For centuries we have written to give news, to exchange ideas, to express love or pain, to tell each other about the world we live in. Letters are the memory of the world, fragments of life seized in the body of the greater History. What does the correspondence of Picasso at the height ofcreation reveal? That of Renoir seeking the American dream in Hollywood? The answers to the blankpages of History lie at the heart of these letters, in the vitality of such exchanges.

Correspondences offer a collection of 52' documentaries, each of which will incarnate the letters exchanged by two prominent figures of the 20th century.

An on-going documentary series by Dorothée Lachaud
Produced by Anne Schuchman-Kune
Original music by Pierre-Antoine Durand
Narration by Marie-Sophie Ferdane

Co-produced by Schuch Productions, INA and Bibliothèque Nationale de France
French broadcaster: France 5
With the participation of France Télévisions and the Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image animée
International sales: CLPB Rights