In 1971, Anthony Burgess, the British author of the scandalous novel A Clockwork Orange, was criticized from all sides when Stanley Kubrick’s film was released. The public, critics and some American judges were outraged. Burgess found himself in the spotlight and accused of incitement to violence and murder. So, he started writing a manuscript that was never published to which we have exclusive access. In that manuscript, A Clockwork Condition, he intended to explain the origins of this misunderstood work, once and for all, and to reflect on the outbreaks of violence within our modern societies and the risks of equally violent institutional responses... A veritable antidote to authoritarian danger and paranoia about security.

A film by Benoit Felici and Elisa Mantin
Based on the original idea of Elisa Mantin

Coproduced by ARTE France and Compagnie des Phares et Balises
In partnership with The International Anthony Burgess Foundation
With the support of the CNC and of the Procirep-Angoa
French broadcaster: Arte
International sales: CLPB Rights

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