Missbah, Miguel, Sandy, Mohamed and Lina are five young people who have a dream of working in fashion. Thanks to Nadine Gonzalez and her free school, Casa 93, this dream is about to become true. Trained by big fashion names, such as Jérôme Dreyfuss, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Andrea Crews, and having access behind the scenes of the most prestigious couture houses such as Chanel, for six months the five young people will learn the basics of model making, marketing, design and sewing. The young students of this school are ready to make many sacrifices to get the chance of a place in fashion, usually reserved for the elite. All have their share of problems and difficulties, but their creativity and motivation are exceptional. Such a challenge, bringing the suburbs on to the podiums of Fashion Week, Nadine has already overcome in Brazil, where she created her first fashion school in a favela, from which have come several major Brazilian designers much in vogue today.

A film by Florie Martin 

French broadcaster: C8
Producer: 416 Prod (Mélissa Theuriau)
International sales: CPB International