The first female human character in the entire history of cartoons, she was also the first woman to have the leading role in a cartoon, since she was born in 1930. With those gorgeous legs, those huge bedroom eyes, her soft singer voice, Betty Boop is such a big hit! As she gets ready to blow out 90 candles in 2020, the sexy little brunette and her legendary Boop-oop-a-doop has never grown old but is still an enigma. To the society of the 1930’s of her birth to today’s society which put her on the front page of the New Yorker as a way to denounce sexual harassment and saw the birth of the #Metoo movement: what image of the modern woman does Betty Boop project?
Helped by beautiful archives, we immerse into a 30s jazzy world and this entertaining and feminist documentary counts Betty Boop’s own story. The documentary takes an other look at the myth of the cartoon icon with the interviews of: Jeni Mahoney, Max Fleischer’s great-granddaughter (he is Betty’s creator), Oscar awarded producer Lili Zanuch, famous stylist Chantal Thomass, and young committed artists Melissa Laveaux & Viktoria Modesta

A film by Claire Duguet
Editing by Anne Cutaïa
Graphics by Amélie Vappereau
Original music by Olivier Depardon
With the voice of Sarah-Jane Sauvegrain

A film by Claire Duguet
Producer: Joparige Films and Schuch Productions 
International sales: CLPB Rights 
Broadcaster: Arte


On Art Film Festival 2020 - 3rd place (Medium – professional competition)
FIFA - Festival International du film sur l'art 2021 - Official selection