After exiting a cab, a restaurant, a hotel or a train, or following the delivery of a package or an exchange with a customer service representative, it’s always the same request:  please provide a rating. Whether a colorful scale from 0 to 10 or 1 to 5 playful stars, it's quick, machine-like and painless for the person providing the rating. Behind it, however, lurks a biased labor monitoring system fueled directly by the customer, unbeknownst to him. Added to this are a multitude of invisible ratings which serve as raw material for algorithms used by secretive companies that claim to be able to predict the future. The film takes a critical look at the “democratization” of rating systems and the consequences of this practice in our personal lives and for our collective freedoms.

A film by Vincent Coquaz et Ismaël Halissat

Produced by: La Générale de production
French broadcaster: France tv slash
International sales: CLPB Rights