A contemporary TV adaptation of French 18th Century playwright Marivaux’s eponymous romantic comedy.

Silvia is a young nightclub dancer who loves and is loved by Arlequin. But the manipulative owner of the nightclub, the Prince, steps in to shatter their affair.
The Prince arranges for her kidnapping, but she rejects him and longs for her ever lover Arlequin.
With the help of his staff and friend Flaminia, the Prince devises a plan to separate the two lovers: they appeal to Silvia's vanity, by suggesting that she needs a more worthy lover. The Prince, disguised as a lawyer, makes friends with Silvia; and she soon realizes that he is a better catch than Arlequin. Meanwhile, Flaminia befriends Arlequin and gradually seduces him away from Silvia.
When the Prince finally reveals himself, both Arlequin and Silvia are relieved to know that they have an excuse to call of their engagement. The film ends with the union of the two couples: Silvia and the Prince, and Flaminia and Arlequin.

A film adapted and directed by Carole Giacobbi
Produced by Jean Labib
With Elsa Zylberstein, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Eglantine Rembauville, Clément Sibony, Serge Hazanavicius and Elise Tielrody
Photography by Pierre Gottereau
Original music by Eric Neveux


A Cie des Phares et Balises production
With the participation of France 2 and the Centre National de la Cinématographie

National Broadcaster : France 2

International Sales :
Kultura Russia
Planète Justice France
RTS Switzerland
LCP France
Boujour TV USA

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