Paul Vilar attends a military ceremony to honor the men that disappeared during the famous hostage rescue operation. At the suggestion of Colonel Bayard, he accepts a mission to supervise five teenagers during a survival course. One day, he receives a call for help from Amaray, an orphan of one of his brothers in arms, Caron, that Paul took under his protection. As he arrives to the meeting point, he receives a mystery call that changes everything: he finds out that five teenagers are held hostage. Paul runs to rescue them, but once again, things are not going to work out as he had planned.

Directed by Julien Seri
Screenplay Tigran Rosine, Anastasia Heinzl
Adaptation Tigran Rosine, Anastasia Heinzl, Julien Seri
Original music Sacha Chaban
Produced by Iris Strauss
In association with Philippe Bas
Cast: Philippe BAS, Maïra SCHMITT, Benjamin BAROCHE, Sara MORTENSEN, Jérôme ANGER, Edouard MONTOUTE, Robin MIGNÉ, Denis BRACCINI, Jean-Stan DUPAC, Lorette NYSSEN, Zoé HERAN, Scotty BERNARD, Olivia COURBIS, Thitsady VORAVONG
Production managers: Franck Lebreton, Marc Eloy
Casting: Julie David
DOP: Michel Taburiaux
Sound: Alexandre Andrillon
Set design: Michel Eric
Costumes: Térésa Kurys
Editing: Claude-France Husson

Produced by CPB Films
Coproduced with Yellow Butterfly, TF1, Be-FILMS
With the support of La Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
With the participation of RTL - TVI, CNC - Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée, RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse, AMC Networks International SE, EITB, Plaion Pictures
French broadcaster: TF1
International sales: CLPB Rights

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