1955, Algiers, Louis is 15 and Algeria is French. The war for independence is just beginning, but at his age, the adolescent prefers to irt with girls. However, the violence accelerates and the rst signs of hatred take root. How to resist and not get involved? «The Bay of Algiers» is a profoundly human story about an adolescent coming of age between his own turmoil and the brutality of a budding war. In reality, it’s about the progressive disappearance of a world, his own, as witnessed by the narrator. 

With Catherine Jacob, Solal Forte, Anthonu Sonigo, Margaux Chatelier, Khalid Berkouz, Michaël Abiteboul, Michèle Miretti et avec la participation de Biyouna, Jean Benguigui, Fettouma Bouamari et Jacques Spiesser.
Written by Merzak Allouache with the participation of Louis Gardel
Image: Philippe Guilbert
Editing: Sylvie Pontoizeau
Soundtrack: David Hadjadj
Sound: Philippe Bouchez et Dominique Vieillard

National Broadcaster : France 2

International Sales :
TV5 Monde
RTS Switzerland
Bonjour TV USA