Philippe is a rising pianist. An obsessive and compulsive man, he works hard to prepare for a series of concerts at the Strasburg opera. His organized and neat world falls apart on the day of his 40th birthday. Violent fits of tinnitus and strange visions progressively impair his concentration. As a matter of fact, he is the only who hears false notes on his piano...Philippe is no longer in control and slowly tumbles into another world. A world governed by his fears and his anguish, but most of all by a traumatic event that he has buried down deep for over 30 years, back when he was a little boy still...Is he really tipping over into another reality, or is he merely the victim of his paranoid delusions? 

Directed by Xavier Palud
Written by Frédéric Azémar, Quoc Dang Tran, Florent Meyer, with the collaboration of Xavier Palud
Cast: Jonathan Zaccaï (Philippe/Marc), Judith El Zein (Astrid), Marie Kremer (Jeanne), Eric Berger (Olivier), Franz Lang (Harold), Jean-Henri Compere (Doctor Garraud), Thomas Vanderberghe (Benoit). With the participation of Catherine Arditi. (Etc)

Coproducers: Compagnie des Phares et Balises, Arte France.
With the participation of TV5Monde.
With the support of Région Alsace, de l’Eurométropole de Strasbourg, du CNC et de la Commission Nouvelles Technologies en Production, de la Procirep, Société des Producteurs, de l’Angoa et du programme Média de l’Union Européenne.