The group of investigators specialized in ‘delicate’ cases and their key asset Vincent Verner (Vincent Elbaz) are once again called in to investigate a case that was put to bed too quickly: a young woman was found dead. A robbery gone wrong or a murder? This time, the investigation involves a famous actor, best known for starring in a successful detective series, but involved with sexual misconduct cases, and his agent, who is obsessed with protecting his image at all costs. The story takes us into an intriguing mise en abîme where, under the surface, there is real danger and everyone is prepared to do anything to save their reputation, even the worst...

Directed by Akim Isker
Written by Olivier Norek and Nicolas Lebel
Based on the original idea of Cyril Cannizzo and Olivier Norek
Produced by Marco Cherqui
With Vincent Elbaz, Julien Boisselier, Mariama Gueye, Josephine de Meaux, Thomas Silberstein, Anne Girouard, Jackie Berroyer...
Original soundtrack: Nicolas Errera

Producer: CPB Films
In co-production with France Télévisions
With the participation of TV5Monde and RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse
French broadcaster: France 2
International sales: CLPB Rights