Vincent Verner is a former cop who was fired from the police force for refusing to turn a blind eye to an investigation involving a powerful man. A young prosecutor comes to get him to join a new group in charge of investigating ‘‘delicate’’ cases, those that no one dares to summon: men and women of power, politics, finance, the media, the star system, lobbies, consortiums, and the bosses of large companies. Verner, a maverick with an aversion to lying, will apply his own methods...

Director: Hélène Angel
Screenplay: Olivier Norek
With Vincent Elbaz, Nicolas Marié, Mariama Gueye, Josephine de Meaux, Thomas Silberstein, Anne Girouard, Jackie Berroyer...

Producer: CPB Films
In co-production with France Télévisions, Be-FILMS, RTBF
French broadcaster: France 2
International sales: CLPB Rights