Unbreakables : a 416prod production awarded to Luchon Television Festival !

Unbreakables - produced by 416prod, production society of Mélissa Theuriau - awarded by the best documentary Pyrénées d'or at the Festival des créations télévisuelles de Luchon !

Le Jour d’Après tells the story of the lives of Raïd, Kahina, Alex, Gabriel and Jérémie. The 5 of them live in a millstone house in the Paris suburbs, without their parents, accompanied by educators. It’s a microstructure for these children for whom all the child protection mechanisms have failed. At best, they are considered marginalised and at worst no-hopers. These children are aged between 10 and 14 and in spite of their young age cumulate family and social difficulties and behavioural issues. They are broken souls who have had to face the greatest of violence and many rifts. They didn’t choose to be here. They’ve been sent here by the Child Welfare Service of the Foundation “La Vie au Grand Air”. Their experiences, their families, and their personalities make it difficult to put in place a coherent therapeutic, educational, and pedagogical programme. They are incapable of planning ahead further than the next day, yet they have to prepare for their lives as adults. To find their paths and become independent, very early on, they have to learn to live with their wounds. They are at the start of a very long journey. This film relates part of that journey, the path towards a rebirth. By spending time with them over a full year, it portrays how, thanks to their life in a community, they help each other progress, little by little they recover, and finally, through their ups and downs, they heal. It’s a hopeful film which, without overlooking the difficulties, tells how, in France in 2019, there are still places and people who can help this small minority of children who are the most “damaged” by life.

Director: Ketty Rios Palma
Broadcaster: France 2